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More than 30 developed software and web solutions

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ShelS Company

We specialize in developing mapping software and web solutions. ShelS Company It works since 2008, but the development of commercial products was launched in 2002. During this time, it developed more than 30 software products and Web-based solutions in the field of land management, mapping and business solutions.

Rapid creation, sharing and publication of maps. GPS navigation with video, Rest API and JavaScript access.

Web system for precision farming. Planning, analysis and control of field works.

Corporate site of ShelS Company - download, support, buy

Development, support and campaign forum. The site works since 2002.

Corporate site of ShelS Company

Interactive map with a database of land plots. Visualization of announcements about buying, selling and renting.

Geoinformation portal with a database of land offers, consultations, risk assessment.

Customer Support

ShelS Company has the resources available to support customers.



A resource for online support - update software and web solutions.


Forum designed for software and web solutions.


Articles and materials to perform or meet the challenges associated with software products.


Panel requests and tasks for software developers.

Customer Education

ShelS Company preparing a video training materials and conducts workshops.



The list of available videos on the software company's products.


Seminars conducted by the company, include teaching and test materials.

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Land Union of Ukraine
Земельный портал Украины
The equipment for precision farming
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