ShelS Company - development of mapping and surveying programs, web sites and applications

The best software solutions for land management, inventory and business

ShelS Company offers complete software solutions for geo-information technology tasks and registration systems, and provides professional services for the development of cartographic and surveying programs, web sites and applications, their technical support. The professional team of developers will reduce the time to perform the development of new software products or the adaptation of existing customer's needs.

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Geodesic Information System 6

GIS 6 allows you to perform complex tasks of office work to the formation of the technical documentation and file sharing.

An integrated approach to the execution of works

Operational program support

The ability to export and import data

Flexibility and scalability of the database

The possibility of formation of unique queries to the database

Many ready-made templates of the reporting forms


Shells company performs development, support and sales of software for performance of geodetic, engineering, cadastre and mapping and assessment work.

WEB solutions

Shells Company developed a number of web-based solutions, allows you to integrate corporate offices and create online resources.

Mapping and Geospatial Analysis

We offer services for the collection, processing, analysis of geospatial information and its storage and visualization of geo-information portal on the company.

Precision agriculture

We offer services in application of precision farming both in software and in hardware.

GISFile - geoinformation web-services for the creation, visualization and analysis of interactive maps online

This service allows you to upload objects, images from drones and satellites, provides opportunities for solving spatial problems of agricultural enterprises, precision farming and yield monitoring.

collection of all available spatial data

import data from the engineering equipment

territories and terrain analysis

GPS navigation with synchronized video display