ShelS Company provides services in the collection, processing and analysis of spatial data and their subsequent storage and visualization.

Software development

ShelS Company offers services for the development of geo-information web portals, cartographic software for desktop, web and mobile applications.

GIS 6 Agro

Geodetic information system with advanced features specifically for agricultural enterprises.

Mapping service that provides the ability to quickly create maps, jointly edit and share layers with other users of cards.

GIS 6 Agro Web

It allows you to simultaneously work with the database inside the corporate network with the help of GIS 6, or remotely via a web interface.

PreAgri - is an online service for collecting and analyzing spatial data of the agricultural enterprises.

Development of interactive maps

ShelS сompany It offers services for the development of interactive maps and connection to your site or application. By placing the card on your site you will be able to designate offices, real estate, land routes, define the territory and attach tags (title, description, comments, pictures or videos).

Open Environment

Ukrainian Open Environment

The public Web site for monitoring the state of water and air quality with analytical tools for compare the indicators of quality, cost and finance.

System Solutions


The REST API to monitor technique with RTK-signal and to get the routes of movement was developed.


Land for sale without intermediaries

Developed an interactive map to display the location of the land, and their detailed description of the purpose of sale.

Bee Travel

Walking Lviv Interactive

Maps of tourist routes to organize tours around Lviv in the form of quests. The map shows routes, interesting places, riddles and tasks for the tourist.

Interactive map online

Interactive cards provide unlimited possibilities for displaying the spatial information and its instant editing and analysis. The use of cards in their projects has the following advantages:

full support for technology modern browsers and operating systems

the ability to integrate in any website or application

an external database objects

configuration tools for working with a map for users

use raster and vector graphics

high speed spatial data

Mapping and Geospatial Analysis

ShelS Company offers services for the collection, processing, analysis of geospatial information and its storage and visualization of geo-information portal on the company.

Vectoring and update maps

Vectoring and update maps

We offer services for vectorization and updating maps for different purposes and information content.

3D terrain modeling

3D terrain modeling

We offer a 3D terrain modeling for the study and analysis of its features.

Processing of satellite, UAV and aerial photographs

Processing of satellite, UAV and aerial photographs

We offer high-quality image processing, namely the geometric binding, color gamma correction, construction of orthophotos, digital terrain model creation.

Storage and visualization of geodata

Storage cartographic information, with instant access and visualization anywhere, anytime, on geoinformation portal -

Aerial photography by drones

Result unmanned aerial is a photo and video materials that can be used for the construction of orthophotos. Obtained by using aerial photography materials at times more precisely than with the satellite imagery, and most importantly - are immediately available for processing and analysis. Shells Company together with its partners offers services of shooting and processing of spatial data:

build high quality orthophotos

build 3D models of terrain and objects

terrain analysis on various parameters (relief, salt, vegetation index, etc.)

aerial photo and video materials with reference to the GPS coordinates

synchronize and display video and GPS tracks

Precision agriculture

ShelS Company offers services for the implementation of precision farming systems as the software and the hardware.

земельный банк

Land bank

We offer services for measurement of land to simplify inventory and cadastral registration procedure.

aerial photography using UAV

aerial photography using UAV

We offer aerial photography of fields using drones to monitor the quality of tillage, sowing and plant biological indicators.

The equipment for precision farming

The equipment for precision farming

We offer complete automation systems of agricultural equipment manufacturing company Raven (USA).

Weather Stations and Humidity Station

Weather Stations and Humidity Station

Using meteorological stations enables the efficient use of fertilizers, pesticides, water and energy.

Geoinformation agroportal - online service for processing and analysis of spatial data for farms.

Import photographs with drones and satellites

import data from field equipment

planning and productivity analysis

visualization agrochemical survey samples

GPS navigation with synchronized video display